Ravish Sitar

Very few instruments offer as much harmonic and dynamic flexibility as a sitar. Electro-Harmonix has streamlined the essence of the sitar into a compact enclosure that offers a polyphonic lead voice and tunable sympathetic string drones that dynamically react to your playing. Create your own custom scales for the sympathetic strings while you set the decay time for the lead voice. Two expression pedal inputs allow you to bend the pitch of the lead voice and control the volume of the sympathetic strings simultaneously. These unique controls offer the player the ability to program the Ravish to become a totally unique and organic instrument unto itself. The Ravish is a truly new design with the flexibility to be a crossover tonal wonder.

Get the most out of your Ravish Sitar with these suggested settings!

Click on this link to see the different settings: Ravish Sitar Presets

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From the Blog
Posted 6/24/2016

Al Martino creates scintillating sitar sounds on his hang with the EHX Ravish Sitar and Expression pedals.

Posted 4/6/2016

Anoushka Shankar began her musical training at age 9 with her father, sitar maestro, Ravi Shankar. Today, she is a renowned sitar player and composer in her own right. On a recent visit to New York City, Anoushka reached out to EHX Founder and President, Mike Matthews.

Well aware of EHX's sound shaping legacy, she wanted to work with an EHX45000 Multi-Track Looping Recorder and a MEL9 Tape Replay Machine. She was also anxious get her hands on a Ravish Sitar pedal, a product whose name pays homage to her father!

Here is Mike Matthews and Anoushka Shankar at City Winery, NY, NY. Mike is holding a MEL9 while Anoushka has a Ravish Sitar pedal.

Watch Mike Matthews introduce the ground-breaking Ravish Sitar pedal.

To learn more about Anoushka Shankar visit her website. Click to watch her perform "Lasya" from her new album Traces of You.

Posted 9/4/2015

We caught up with country music singer, songwriter and guitarist, Chase Bryant, on his recent national tour and sat down with him to demo three Electro-Harmonix effects: Cathedral reverb, Ravish Sitar and Micro POG.

Check out how this picker puts EHX to good use and visit www.chasebryant.com for info on his latest music and tour.

Posted 7/30/2015

Create realistic sitar sounds on your guitar with the EHX Ravish Sitar!

Simulate the metallic buzz of melodic sitar leads and the characteristic sounds of sympathetic string drones. The EHX Ravish Sitar pedal reacts to your playing dynamically, allowing for a wonderfully natural sound.

Posted 5/15/2015

Want to hear something new and cool? Check out Frank Z's Bottled Ravish Bass demo and you will be overcome with intense delight from his crossover tonal wonder.

As an added bonus, we'll show you how to get the most out of your EHX Ravish Sitar with these essential presets bit.ly/1PKOwHC

Posted 2/6/2015

See how an EHX Ravish Sitar pedal can be used with a Minibrute.

Posted 12/12/2014

EHX Ravish Sitar on Fretless Bass by Facundo Bavio

Posted 10/28/2014

Vladimir and his Ravish Sitar performing in Latvia.

Posted 10/15/2014
StompboxTV and Ace from the band, Skunk Anansie, check out the Ravish Sitar pedal.

Posted 8/13/2014

Bobby Crispy shows off the exotic sounds of the EHX Ravish Sitar.

Posted 4/22/2014

Bestguitareffects.com reviews and demos the EHX Ravish Sitar pedal.


Posted 3/7/2014

The guys from ProGuitarShop.com demonstrate the EHX Ravish Sitar in Stereo!

Posted 1/16/2014

Real quick video by Antonio Di Paolo showing a cool Ravish Sitar sound.

Posted 7/25/2013

The Bass Invaders and the unmistakable sound of the Ravish Sitar.

Posted 7/1/2013

Wein Glas’s, “The Dark Drone Commander,” relies on the EHX Ravish Sitar.

Posted 5/31/2013

DoVira is a modern Ukrainian band. Guitarist Patrick O’Reilly wrote to tell us they used an EHX Superego Synth Engine (especially the Glissando function for synth-like pads), a Holy Grail reverb and the Ravish Sitar on bass (as a drone) while recording this song.

Posted 5/8/2013

Ravish Sitar used on Fender Rhodes.


Posted 12/13/2012

A Bulgarian gadulka played through a Ravish Sitar!

Posted 12/6/2012

Here are the Bass Invaders rocking the Sasktel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival. At 2:24 the bass player kicks off a solo using the EXH Ravish Sitar pedal.

Posted 11/12/2012

Check out some of the exotic sounds stuffed inside the spicy Ravish Sitar that xtimehascomex captured on this video.

Posted 11/1/2012

PrometheanMusic does a quick demo of the EHX Ravish Sitar pedal on bass.

Posted 10/12/2012

Bhakti Ananda plays Ravish Sitar with Diddley Bow!

Posted 9/27/2012

Luke Brindley uses the EHX Ravish Sitar on acoustic guitar during a live set.

Posted 9/18/2012

We are very pleased to inform you that Mike Matthews has been nominated for Vintage Guitar Magazine’s Hall of Fame. The category is “Innovators” and this is an unabashed solicitation for you to cast your vote for Mike, a guy who truly is one of the most innovative characters in the music equipment biz.

A hollow boast? Hardly! Here is a short list of just some of the innovations Mike Matthews has been responsible for in his career at the helm of Electro-Harmonix:

  • First product to introduce the age of overdrive: LPB-1 Linear Power Booster
  • First portable, battery powered, guitar amp; Freedom Amp
  • First to introduce feedback with a phase shifter: Bad Stone
  • First electronic flanger: Electric Mistress
  • First with an analog delay: Memory Man
  • First inexpensive digital delay: 2 Second Digital Delay
  • First to pioneer an electronic looper: the 16 Second Digital Delay
  • First to introduce inexpensive sampling: Instant Replay, then the Super Replay

In Mike’s 45 year history of relentless product innovation, he’s also been responsible for iconic effects pedals like the Big Muff Pi and the POG2 Polyphonic Octave Generator. More recently, he continues to redefine the landscape of effects with products like the Freeze Sustainer, Ravish Sitar Pedal, Superego Synth Engine and the ground-breaking Crying Tone Wah Pedal with no moving parts. His successful battles against violent Russian mobsters only spiked his creativity!

Voting is easy. Just go to http://www.vintageguitar.com/hall-of-fame/
Log in and cast your vote. Oh, there’s an added benefit to you. Voters are entered to win a beautiful new D’Angelico guitar, so do it now! And many thanks for your support.

Posted 8/7/2012

Craig Anderton, Editor in Chief of Harmony Central, takes an in-depth look at the Ravish Sitar pedal for both guitarists and bass guitarists!

Click here to read the review

Posted 7/31/2012

Hasheesh Raveesh By Gary Knight & Neil Seggar. Gary says: “Neil created the beats on his “Caustic” mobile phone app, plus vocals and I played my Washburn Maverick going through my latest groovy toy, The Electro Harmonix Ravish Sitar pedal.”

Posted 6/21/2012

The Ravish Sitar Pedal has earned critical *acclaim among guitar players. But lately, bass players - from Billy Sheehan to Will Lee - have also embraced this innovative pedal to achieve cool, new sounds with their instrument. Bass Guitar Magazine in Britain just reviewed the Ravish and awarded it five stars for sound quality. Read all about how the Ravish stacks up on bass here



Posted 6/13/2012

C Zuber plays electric oud into the Ravish Sitar.

Posted 6/7/2012

Mark Turnbull sent us in this audio file. Mark explained that he used a small bass (Fender P-bass Jr.), strung with cello strings and tuned as a cello through the Ravish Sitar. He tuned his sympathetic strings as follows: root, min2nd, maj2nd, min3rd, 4th, 5th, min6th, min7th for two octaves. Mark is a student of sitar and North Indian vocal.

Click here to listen to the track

Posted 6/7/2012

Ravish review by Musico Pro magazine in Spanish

Click here to read the review

Posted 6/4/2012

Middle-Eastern rock guitarist, Yossi Sassi, plays the EHX Ravish Sitar pedal.

Posted 5/8/2012

Harry Cushner & His Orkestra shared their new CD with us. It’s titled Surfin’ Sitari and features the EHX Ravish Sitar pedal.

Click here to listen to the demo

Posted 4/25/2012

Bassist, Felipe Gomez, recording with the new Ravish Sitar pedal.

Ravish Sitar

Posted 3/15/2012

Andrea Whitt sent us this excellent video showcasing the EHX Ravish Sitar pedal on viola! Accompanying Andrea was percussionist David Daniel Diaz. Andrea was assisted by Justin Zangerle (direction & assembly), Tyler Andrews (Illumination) and Joe Little (Audio Engineering). For more on Andrea and her music check out jayarmusic.com and bellastrings.com. Justin’s website is shutterandcut.com

Posted 2/27/2012

WeRock TV from Japan created this Ravish Sitar demo complete with tab!

Posted 2/20/2012

The Deli serves up a review of the mouth watering Ravish Sitar. Please pass the mango chutney. Read the review here.

Posted 2/15/2012

Craig Anderton is Editor in Chief of Harmony Central and Executive Editor of Electronic Musician magazine. He also plays the classical Indian sitar. Craig created this audio file with the EHX Ravish Sitar pedal, and we love it!

We asked him what he used and Craig filled us in:
“it was a Firebird X guitar set for Les Paul emulation, and two different sample libraries - one for the tabla and one for the hip-hop drums. I recorded the tracks in Sonar X1. There were two tracks of guitar, one for the drones and one for the sitar lead.”

Click here to listen to the track

For more on Craig, check out his website:

Posted 2/7/2012

Vintage Guitar checks out the EHX Ravish Sitar Pedal and Stereo Talking Machine. See it here.

Posted 1/31/2012

The Norweigan artist, Magnus Tveiten, visited EHX at the NAMM Show. Magnus plays in a tapping, lap-guitar style. Here is a quick video showing him playing through the Ravish Sitar pedal. It was shot on an iPhone and at times you’ll hear that the signal is overloading the phone, but we thought people would dig seeing it anyway. Magnus is playing factory preset #4 on the Ravish which lets his original guitar signal come through a lot.

Posted 1/18/2012

AXE Magazine created a terrific video for the EHX Ravish Sitar pedal, with English sub-titles . Bravo!

Posted 1/16/2012

The new Ravish Sitar pedal scores an Editors’ Pick Award from Guitar Player magazine.

Read Guitar Player’s review here.

Posted 1/4/2012

Guitar Buyer magazine describes the new Ravish Sitar pedal as, “The most unique and innovative effect we’ve seen in the last 12 months.”

Read the entire, in-depth review here

Posted 12/20/2011

Music technology guru, Craig Anderton, reviews the new Ravish Sitar pedal for Harmony Central and gives it high marks.

Click here to read the review

Posted 12/14/2011

From exotic drones to fretless flights of magic, the Ravish Sitar pedal will transform your bass guitar. (Bass & programming by Bill Ruppert)

Posted 12/1/2011

New EHX Ravish Sitar pedal earns Guitar World GOLD AWARD! Read GW’s complete review entitled “The Inner Delight.”

Click here to read the review

Posted 11/23/2011

Music Toyz does an excellent demo on the new Ravish Sitar pedal.

Posted 11/18/2011

Premier Guitar magazine reviews the new Ravish Sitar pedal and says: “Don’t let the sitar pedal handle mislead you—-this thing is a deep bag of tricks and treats.”

Click here to read the review

Posted 11/15/2011

The Antikrish reviews the new Ravish Sitar Pedal. Check it out!

Click here to read the review and see the video demo

Posted 11/8/2011

Total Guitar magazine checks out the new Ravish Sitar pedal.

Click here to read the review

Posted 10/28/2011

My Morning Jacket’s, Carl Broemel, with his new EHX Ravish Sitar pedal.

Carl says: “It’s so crazy! Once we started using it, we didn’t take it out of the chain. I used it with acoustic, combining the natural acoustic sound with the pedal into a tape echo and an old Fender Princeton amp. It’s also great on electric baritone guitar and pedal steel, too. I love using an expression pedal to control the volume of the sympathetic drone sound. That is super useful.”

For more about Carl and My Morning Jacket, visit these websites:


Posted 9/15/2011

Wanna jam with Anoushka? 
Get an EHX RAVISH and soon you’ll get down with her!

To learn more about the artist, visit her website at: http://www.anoushkashankar.com/

Posted 8/30/2011

Effects guru, Bill Ruppert, takes us on an exotic sonic expedition. In his latest installment of Effectology, Bill focuses on the new Ravish Sitar pedal.

Join him as he explores its potential and power. In addition to incredible sitar emulations, Bill shows that the Ravish is capable of creating other truly mind bending sounds. The flexibility of the Ravish Sitar pedal is truly stunning!

Please note: Bill will be in the EHX Forums to discuss his sounds, settings, and process. We hope you join us there.

Previous episodes:

Stay tuned, more Effectology episodes coming soon!

Posted 8/4/2011

The exciting new Ravish Sitar pedal transforms your guitar into a Sitar! From raga to rock, the Ravish is a truly new design with the flexibility to be a crossover tonal wonder.

Posted 7/29/2011

Taj Mahal tones and ethereal drones infuse your guitar with the exotic sound of a sitar. Raga to rock, Bollywood beckons.

The Ravish was Premier Guitar Editors Pick on day 1 of the 2011 Summer NAMM show. Click here

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Quick Specs
Transform your electric guitar into a sitar
Lead sitar voice tracks your notes polyphonically with a wide range of tonal possibilities
Selectable decay speed for the Lead voice
Sympathetic string drone simulation with a wide tonal range
Selectable keys and scales including major, minor and exotic provided for the Sympathetic strings
Create custom Sympathetic string scales from your guitar
Ability to choose the Sympathetic key by playing a note on your guitar
Modulation adds movement to the sympathetic strings
Bend the pitch of your Lead voice notes using an optional expression pedal
Control the volume of the Sympathetic drone using an optional expression pedal
Separate Main Output for all voices plus a secondary Sympathetic Only Output
Save and recall 10 presets
9 Volt power supply provided
Dimensions in inches: 4.75 (w) x 5.75 (l) x 2.5 (h)
Dimensions in mm: 146 (w) x 121 (l) x 64 (h)
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