Metal Muff Distortion with Top Boost

The ultimate metal distortion pedal. Three powerful EQ bands sculpt the mids and 6 controls shape the sound precisely for your groove from slithering mercury to lead belly blast furnace dross. Its unique Top Boost adds serious bite with its own control knob and footswitch so you can kick it on for searing leads.

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Posted 4/20/2016

Check out this fantastic Big Muff anime from the incredibly talented Japanese artist Nota.

Anthropomorphism, the attribution of human characteristics to an object, is highly prevalent in Japan with mascots giving living, often human form, to everything from fast food to computers.

While we can't say these are official Big Muff mascots or even the characters we imagine when we think about the various versions of the beloved Big Muff, there's no disputing the high level of creativity that Nota used when designing these imaginative beings.

Posted 2/5/2016

Looking for a pedal to master your metal tones?

The Metal Muffs from Electro-Harmonix have been called "the finest pedals ever created for heavy metal". Massive tones that sculpt the mids and add extra ‘bite’ by boosting a narrow band of high frequencies are the hallmarks of these metal monsters.

Posted 8/19/2013

Metal Muff Demo by gabovalin666

Posted 7/31/2013

Joode Rock rocks Metal Muff w/Top Boost

Posted 7/19/2013

Rob Loftin, Jr. of The Musician Network GEARS UP with the EHX Metal Muff w/Top Boost.

Posted 7/3/2013

Chris Morris does it with finesse and the EHX Metal Muff w/Top Boost

Posted 4/22/2013

MartinMoyan0 shows the Metal Muff w/Top Boost.

Posted 12/18/2012

Mr. Sagy explores the super versatile EHX Tone Tattoo multi-effects pedals equipped with Metal Muff distortion, Neo Clone Chorus and Memory Toy Analog Delay.

Posted 11/13/2012

Absolute Music in the U.K. takes a look at the Tone Tattoo, an all analog multi-effects pedal featuring the Metal Muff, Neo Clone chorus and Memory Toy delay.

Posted 9/14/2012

Burgs at Pro Guitar Shop demos the EHX Metal Muff w/Top Boost.

Posted 7/16/2012

The new Tone Tattoo is our first, all analog, multi-effect pedal. It combines three very hot products: the Metal Muff distortion, Neo Clone chorus and Memory Toy analog delay into one compact pedal.

Check out this latest video from guitar effects maestro, Bill Ruppert, as he takes you through a tone laden tour of the Tone Tattoo.

Posted 3/5/2012

Dariusz Wawrzyniak explores the EHX Metal Muff w/Top Boost.

Posted 1/12/2012

GillenH20 demos the EHX Metal Muff w/Top Boost.

Posted 12/19/2011

“The envelope, please.” The multi-talented Bayu Ardianto captures a first-place win with his latest VideoSong, Inveitability, in the IndieFone Film Festival. Bayu relied on EHX pedals to help him score.

The pedals used in this VideoSong are:

1. Double Muff (electric guitar)
2. Cathedral (electric guitar)
3. Stereo Electric Mistress (electric guitar)
4. Neo Mistress (electric guitar)
5. Ring Thing (electric guitar)
6. Voice Box (pianica)
7. HOG (synthesizer)
8. LPB-1 (electric guitar)
9. Metal Muff (electric guitar)

Congratulations, Bayu!

Posted 12/1/2011

Posted 9/12/2011

Joshua Craig of The Alien Blakk digs into the EHX Metal Muff with Top Boost. To learn more about the artist, check out

Posted 6/21/2011

Maxxxwell Carlisle demos the Metal Muff Distortion with Top boost.

Posted 4/13/2011

Arthur Held jams on bass through the Metal Muff w/Top Boost.

Posted 3/7/2011

Posted 12/13/2010

The sonic assault of an electric violin played through an Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff w/Top Boost!

Posted 10/4/2010

Dievil666 evokes the gods of metal on the Metal Muff w/Top Boost!

Posted 7/26/2010

This is a text copy of an email written to Mike Matthews by an enthusiastic fan about the Metal Muff with Top Boost he bought. And the personal answer from Mike Matthews.


I like my Coffee Black just like my Metal and for YEARS I’ve been looking for a gripping distortion that doesn’t have the horrible high end *screaming bats* sound and has enough balls to shake the room. I tried em all, Metal Zone, Core, Mega Distortion, Blues Distortion, Effects boards, anything and everything and it all sucked.

I bought a Blackstar HT-60 Tube amp (2x12 combo), and the on board clean is amazing and the overdrive channels are good but if it ain’t MESA you arn’t going to get good metal out of the box so after throwin a 10 band EQ in the effects loop I went and looked at some distortion boxes - saw the Metal Muff and knew EHX is good stuff from the tubes I use, went home and popped it in, threw another EQ (simple 6 band pedal) after it (all this is from guitar to amp), Killed the mids, and got the greatest metal tone ever. Thank you, I’ve looked so damn long for this and it is going to help immensely when I get gigging.

Also the freeze pedal - damn that is awesome I’m picking one up next damn pay check.



THE ANSWER from Mike Matthews


All of us at Electro-Harmonix are very happy to hear you dig your Metal Muff enough to write us about it. 

Cats like you inspire us.

Rock &  Roll,

Mike Matthews, President

Posted 4/10/2009
Be sure to catch John Frusciante's comments on the English Muff'n in the April 2009 issue of Vintage Guitar Magazine: "The Electro-Harmonix English Muff'n tube fuzz has some really extreme EQ and a big, thick and meaty sound. I used it on the solo for 'Enough Of Me.' I turn the EQ up, but leave my guitar tone knobs down and use either the middle or neck pickup so the original source sound is really dark and plain. If you blast the tone controls on the effect, you get a really thick, beautiful sound that reminds me of an exaggerated Eric Clapton tone in cream, where you have this really smooth fuzz."

In addition to the English Muff'n, John has also toured and recorded with the Micro Synthesizer, Big Muff Pi (both USA and Russian), POG, Metal Muff, HOG, Holy Grail, and Deluxe Electric Mistress. That said, I'm sure you fru-heads are still going to email and tell me what I left out.

Posted 8/29/2008
A short excerpt from the documentary film "Fuzz: The Sound That Revolutionized The World" in which Electro-Harmonix founder Mike Matthews tells the story of EHX's first product, the LPB-1.

Mike also reveals the origins of "Muff," which we take care to use very sparingly: Bass Big Muff Pi, Big Muff Pi, Big Muff Pi (Russian), Double Muff, English Muff'n, Little Big Muff Pi, Metal Muff, Micro Metal Muff, Muff Overdrive, and Pocket Metal Muff (all featured in our Distortion, Fuzz, Overdrive category).

The clip also features Chris Ross (Wolfmother) and ends with J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.) showing off his unbelievable Big Muff Pi collection.

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Quick Specs
High input impedance buffered bypass
Output volume and master drive controls
3-Band EQ: bass, mid and treble
Footswitchable Top Boost with separate control knob
Tough and compact die-cast chassis
9-volt battery included
Optional 96DC-200BI power supply available
Dimensions in inches: 4.75 (w) x 5.75 (l) x 2.5 (h)
Dimensions in mm: 146 (w) x 121 (l) x 64 (h)
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