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    For a little while now I’ve been going back and forth between whether I want to get a Hot Wax or a Pork & Pickle to add to my board as my main OD/Fuzz maker. I’ve got a Bass Soul Food for that “just of bit of OD” tone, but I’m looking for something I can use when I want I something more aggressive/blown out. Both seem to have their pros and cons, but what I like about the Hot Wax is that it has a proper blend knob and I can stack to the sides of the pedal on top of each other (or use one or the other with just a foot switch). The only examples of the P&P, however, sound better, at least for full on fuzz. I’m not sure I’ll need that full on fuzz tone much with what I normally do, however.

    So, just curious if anyone has any real world experience with the Hot Wax pedal and wish to weigh in.

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