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    This pedal drives me crazy. I am impressed.
    It works also for guitar. It fits until 9 o`clock,
    when you want to play fast riffs, palmutes and so.
    It helps a lot the definition of your sound
    and gives more bite in the highs.

    Like EHX pedals you can drive it almost freaky!



    I have to correct myself.
    I did some easy mod to this pedal
    near C12 to make it fit for guitar.
    It is a red 333 capacitor.
    Now you can handle it in a wide range.

    IsnĀ“t it funny, that only one cap did the job?

    Wished that Kerry King had such a pedal.
    His new sound is somewhat wishy-washy.


    Hello gemather,

    8 years old topic but at least I can try:

    can you give more details about the mod?
    a 333 nF, or 333 uF or….capacitor?
    and where to solder it?
    maybe pictures?

    okay, thanks in advance!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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