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    I have been looking at the Worm, and I think it might be my next purchase. I also think that it might work well with my Good Vibes (Chorus/Vibrato) and Dual Expression Pedal. I have watched several demo videos on the WWWW, but I am waiting for a local store to have one in stock that I can actually demo myself.

    Multi-Effect (Wah/Phaser/Tremolo/Vibrato)
    EXP Control

    Multi-Effect (Wah/Phaser/Tremolo/Vibrato)

    Multi-Effect is listed as a Pro because packaging all the effects in one unit lowers the overall cost, but it is listed a a Con because a dedicated pedal for each effect might offer greater control for each specific effect.

    As for modulated effects, I generally use them to the extent that they are barely discernible to color the sound. Usually, if I can make out the effect there is probably too much of it.


    I ordered the Worm, and it arrived yesterday afternoon. I have only been able to explore its features for about an hour this morning. In a few days, I’ll come back and give a bit of review on the pedal. So far I have discovered that there are what I will call different modes of operation, depending on whether or not an EXP pedal is plugged in, and where the Auto/Manual switch is set. I have found some of the sweet spots on the various effects, and they sound amazing. Right now I have a Good Vibes running into the Worm, and controlling both/either with the EHX Dual EXP Pedal; they play well together.

    I think I need to contact EHX because I did not get the rubber worm. :(


    I finally found the time to write something up about the all-analog Worm. First I will discuss its operation without an expression controller. There are three rotary controls, from left to right: 1) 4-position selector Wah, Phase, Trem, Vibr, 2) Range knob, and 3) Speed knob. The first allows for selection of the desired effect, The second sets the maximum value of the Range sweep, and the third sets the oscillation Rate. Additionally, there is a mini toggle switch which allows for either Auto or Manual/EXP mode.

    Auto mode creates an auto-wah, auto-phaser, etc. effect where the Range and modulation Rate of the effect are set with their respective knobs. The phaser, tremolo, and vibrato can be manipulated in various combinations and there are some very nice sweet spots. The same is true with the wah, which EHX refers to as neo-wah. While there are some good wah sounds, they are not throaty like a crying wah (although I used a Good Vibes in chorus mode with the Worm’s auto-wah into my Marshall’s OD channel, and was able to dial in an incredible sound).

    Manual/EXP mode disconnects the Rate knob leaving no oscillation to the audio. Instead you are left only with the ability of sweeping the Range either manually (literally by hand), or with an expression pedal. This seems to work kind of OK in producing some type of modulation on the Wah setting, but seems odd in Phase, Trem, and Vibr modes. It might be more useful if the Rate could be instead controlled with the expression pedal.

    I bought the Worm primarily for a wah, and the other effects were an add-on bonus. After almost thirty days of trying to learn to like it, I returned it to the place of purchase and instead bought the EHX Cock Fight which means that while I now have an incredible wah pedal, I am out the phaser and tremolo (my Good Vibes has a vibrato option, at the expense of chorus). I’ll probably get a Bad Stone and a Pulsar down the road. Also, I may purchase another Worm in the future. It’s not a bad pedal, it just didn’t meet my current needs.

    As a side note, the Worm requires a +24 volt power supply (one comes with the unit).


    I am a huge fan of the Worm phase shifter, and came out to the forums to check whether it was more like a Bad Stone or a Small Stone. Evidently neither one!

    Small Stone – Probably the second most replicated phase shifting circuit after the Phase 90. LOTS and LOTS of people use the Small Stone. The Nano version is very pedalboard friendly, it’s quiet, it can run on batteries, it’s extremely affordable, the new psychedelic 60s one looks great. You set the one switch and the one knob to a setting that you like, and you’re good to go. It’s a 4 stage (2 notch) phase shifter like the Phase 90, but it’s a different circuit. It’s NOT a Phase 90 clone.

    Bad Stone – A 6 stage (3 notch) version of the Small Stone circuit. The MXR Phase 100 is also a 6 stage phase shifter, but they are NOT clones of each other. 6 stage phase shifter have a “sharper” or more “intense” sound.

    Worm – The Worm contains a 3 stage (!) phase shifter that is intended to sound more like a Univibe type of phase shifter.

    Good Vibes – This is an EXTREMELY FAITHFUL Univibe clone. It uses lamps and photoresistors to control the LFO. The Univibe is actually a phase shifter, but it’s such a unique circuit that it’s generally considered separately. The classic Univibe song is Bridge of Sighs by Robin Trower. The EHX Good Vibes nails this sound and sounds awesome.

    There are some other EHX pedals that have phase shifters in them, but they try to sound like one of these.

    Bottom Line?

    Forget this list. Get yourself a Small Stone and you’ll be very happy.

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