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    PF+ V1.08 update is now available. Contact customer service (https://www.ehx.com/support/) on how to send in your PF+ for a free update.

    V1.08 update:

    1. Added D||S2 (dry in parallel) mode to AUX
    – S1 routed to MAIN, and S2 routed to AUX with DRY sent to both outputs.
    2. TOGL. sub-menu added to USER with MOME and LATC as options.
    – This allows BLND, 1XF2, 1X2D, D1X2, and 1XS2 to LATCH at the max sweep value with the USER FSW.
    3. The RISE and FALL slowest rates increased from 4 to 8 seconds to allow slower sweeps.
    4. The faint digital artifacts added to the signal when controlling with an expression pedal via VOL are gone.

    **Note: The update will erase your current user presets. Please write down your favorite presets settings before sending in your PF+.**

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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