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    Mexican Seafood

    I bought a vintage EHX Polychorus from overseas and it has an EU plug and was converted to EU power overall.

    My questions is, if I buy a wall adapter and since the US is set to 120V for houses, will this allow the Polychorus to function normally or will it cause a “sag” effect since max EU power (220 to 240V) isn’t being used?

    I have it in the shop right now but the tech says he cant find the right transformer to reconvert it back to US power at 120V.

    I know I cant fry it if I plugged it in since we’re set to a lower voltage but I was wondering about the sag effect if I did.

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    The EH Man

    This the transformer I use for US conversion:

    Triad F115X

    Mexican Seafood

    I showed it to the electronics guy and he said it may not fit.

    So you’ve personally used this on a Polychorus, Polyflange or Echoflanger?

    Mexican Seafood

    The electronics tech called and he reduced the transformer to 12V. I told him it was supposed to be left at 24V, but he insisted it needs to be 12V. I’ve never had to deal with this and I know the pedal will function, but will it function 100%? Just lose some headroom? I also have another Polychorus and Echoflanger that I bought in the US and work fine; are these set to 24V?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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