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    Picked on up today.

    Really like how the volume pot works. The same amount of gain, no matter what volume. Unlike some of my other overdrives, where low volumes equal low gain. Very interactive with the guitar’s volume too. Cleans up real nice.

    My little 1-2 punch.

    John J

    Nice! I think the Muff may very well be my favorite bass overdrive out there, and it’s a seriously sweet piece of kit on guitar too! I’m confused, though – I seem to recall you had a Double Muff on the way?


    I have a Graphic Fuzz, according to my shop, coming next week. The Double Muff I ordered, was put on backorder and has moved down on my list. Debating whether to just get another muff and chain two together???

    I always wanted a Double Muff, so I’ll probably end up getting one eventually. They are pretty cheap too. Maybe 3 muffs in two cans?!?!

    John J

    My first twenty minutes with a Double Muff set off my imagination, I was planning on getting three of them and using them all in conjunction with each other. Of course, it was another two months before any local shops got them in and by that time I had calmed down a little.

    That having been said, I still can’t get over how this is the only pedal I’ve ever used that actually sounds like there’s dirt in your amplifier.

    Does the single hate buffers as much as the double?


    This is great…. I was talking with someone about the Nano Muff the other day. I grabbed one and tried it out with some single coils running it into a Sovtek Mig 50 with a 4×12 cabinet. I tell you, this is a great box. I agree, it ass dirt to your sound and really cleans up when you roll back the volume. It was one of those pedals you really have to play with, even with one knob. It can really do wonders to a hot, overdriven tube amp. It just gives that “Umph” that that amp needs to just peak.

    They days I have been running single coils into a Deluxe Memory Man with AC Cord (Old School) and the Overdrive function really makes my amp cook. Like I’ve said in the past, there is a lot you can do with EHX stuff when you have the time to experiment. The DMM’s overdrive is really great. I rarely use it as a delay…. too funny… funny…. funny… funn… fun…..fu…f….

    ass dirt to your sound

    LOL that could be good or bad.

    Agreed on using the DMM for overdrive. I recorded a track using a 1978 4 knob Blue/Red DMM to overdrive my ’68 Fender VibroChamp. I made ample use of the lofi Reticons. You can hear it about half-way into the song after the middle 8 breakdown when the power chords start crunching:


    BTW, no keyboards used in this recording, just guitars and EHX pedals (and a BOSS PS-3 since I didn’t have my HOG yet at the time).

    As for the Muff, is the circuit of the Muff pretty much identical to my ’75 Little Muff Pi? I love that little box.




    Last night I went home a tooled around with my DMM again…. The overload knob is great. This reminds me when I was a kid; I had an old green Echoplex tape delay. When the tape cartridge got full and couldn’t store any more, I removed it from the unit and used the Echoplex as a Tube Overdrive box in front of an old Plexi…. and this DMM reminded me of it… I rarely use it as a delay when applying it as a pre-amp stage… Not sure where I am going with this, but maybe someone can appreciate it.

    Simply the best sound and tone comes from a tube amp…. for loud performance and recording…. Solid state amps work too… for practicing. Booster and overdrive pedals don’t really work on them.

    Small Stone

    Didn’t The Edge use the old DMM-as-an-overdrive ruse?

    Didn’t The Edge use the old DMM-as-an-overdrive ruse?


    I am sure someone here can find some info on that. Not sure myself. U2 is great and the Edge delivered it nicely all those years. He experimented and got it. Experimentation is what those knobs allow you to do…. so keep turning.

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