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    wow that sounds incredible

    man i want an attack function on my q-tron


    i’ve got that funky riff stuck in my head…


    Wow. I like.


    Intense, intense GAS for those thing.


    Sounds good. I was hoping to see how it sounds with the attack set to maximum, to see if it can get those sweet synth ADSR tones.

    The two questions I have coming out of the video are:

    -how slow can the attack get?
    -can it self oscillate?


    the bass enigma sounds pretty bassballsy, i can’t wait to hear it on guitar


    Conte does the best videos ever.

    I love EHX filter effects. I’m conflicted though – I already have an older Q-tron+, a vintage Zipper, and a Tube Zipper. And eventually I’m going to spring for a Bi-Filter. The Enigma and Riddle certainly have significant differences though. Hmmmm…


    Okay EHX, listen up and listen good!
    My girlfriend is coming over to NYC the 25th of July, she had better be able to pick one up for me!!

    ooorrr.. the nice approach:
    Pleeeeaaaaase EHX can you release it before the 25th so my girlfriend can pick one up for me?
    Pleeeaaaaaase don’t make me wait a year before I can get it here in the Netherlands for $50 more!? :(

    I love you guys.. but you’re killing me.. you’re reaally killing me!


    I just found this nugget in the manual:

    CAUTION: This pedal was designed to give the user the maximum potential for user customizability and there are some setting combinations that are extreme. If the Q setting is maxed, at the peak high and low frequency this pedal can be INCREDIBLY loud.

    :D :D :D


    Man, Jack must get samples sent out to him. I called in an order (at the music store I work at) within an hour of receiving the newest pricelist in the mail (first listing of this pedal), and have yet to receive it. Any idea when these are shipping? I assume soon. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m kinda hoping to snag it for myself. I already have 3 other EHX filter pedals (Tube Zipper, Q-Tron+, + Bassballs), so I don’t need it, but I’m a complete sucker for filters.

    Mr Radunzel

    God how many people where saying it isnt a qtron bass balls.. ?

    crazy mofo’s

    im a bass player but the riddles better sounding imho

    well its my guitarists birthday soon lets see what happens at pay day

    It would make me well happy to play next to it

    thanks ehx



    So what is the price on this? Also in the instructions it mentions the distortion is analog, but never mentions if all of it is analog. So is the Qballs analog?


    it is all analogue.


    Yeah, sorry, a few folks have asked — Riddle & Enigma are both all analog — I’ll have to go make that more clear on their pages.

    And I’ll also have to add more info about the expression pedal — you can control the filter sweep with your foot via an expression pedal controller — and so, given the Riddle/Enigma’s ability to adjust Q, sweep range, filter type, you also wind up with a very versatile wah…


    Thanks for the info!
    I’m glad I didn’t get a Qtron+ yet. May buy this with a Micro Synthesizer when my tax return comes.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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