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    Hi. I’ve just bought the 45000 looper and have very quickly come to a point where it’s distorting. It’s at the end of a considerable chain of pedals, but this is the first looper I’ve had that so readily distorts. I’ve made sure to keep my input very low, as per the manual, but within a couple of overdubs it sounds pretty grim, practically unusable. It’s almost as if it can’t handle density – I’m not even using beats (I would be but the guitar stuff is already foxing me) or any peculiar frequencies, just chords, single notes, harmonies etc… Any ideas?


    Where do have the INPUT knobs set and does the CLIP LED ever light when you’re recording loop audio?

    Which output(s) are you using on the 45000?

    Can you confirm that it’s the 45000 that is distorting and not the stage after by bringing down the track sliders on the 45000 while it’s playing back a loop?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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