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    I’m in the mood to buy a super pulsar in combination with a clockworks (all by fine EHX)!

    But there is no hint in the online manual of the super pulsar that clockworks output (clock in/out, out1-4) voltage fits right in the CLK/IN specs from the tremolo pedal.

    My question is: is that combination possible?

    I’ll thank you for any help.



    The first production run of the Super Pulsar is not compatible with the Clockworks the second run is as long as the Super Pulsar is in CLOCK IN mode.

    To be more specific, Super Pulsars with the text “Rev. E” printed in the lower right corner of the PCB are compatible with the Clockworks, units with “Rev. D” printed in that location are not compatible.

    Unfortunately there was no clear break on when the different revisions were shipped. Even on recent shipments Rev. D boards could be mixed in with Rev. E.


    Thank you Flick, that is fine.




    Hi I have a REV D ….question: so can I synch it with some other clock? If yes ..how? are there specs?


    Yes, you can synch the Rev. D Super Pulsars with other clocks. Most clocks created by synthesizers, drum machines, and modular gear will be able to drive the Super Pulsar’s Clock Input.

    The nominal spec on the clock would be a 5Vpp (Volts peak-to-peak) amplitude square wave which ranges from 0V to 5V. The Super Pulsar can accept clock amplitudes ranging from 0V-2V up to 0V-9V. The Super Pulsar can also accept bi-polar clock signals ranging from +/-2V to +/-5V.

    The maximum received clock frequency is 150Hz. The Tap Divide modes can be used to increase the modulation speed in relation to the external clock frequency.


    can I synch it with some other clock? download mobdro


    Yes, the Super Pulsar can synch to most clocks made by synthesizers and drum machines.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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