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    I’m a senior in high school and I’m interested in having a career making designs for effect pedals. I’m wondering if it is recommend that I have an electrical engineering degree to be able to get a job for an effects pedal company. If you could give me some advice or insight into this field. That would be very beneficial!

    Ned Flanders

    If you wanna design pedals then yes. if you just wanna assemble them then no.


    Electrical Engineering or Electrical and Computer Engineering.

    Learning computer science is pretty important. . . how do you think the HOG, SMMH, Cathedral, etc… were designed?


    I suppose it depends … if you can design a brilliant effect and sell that brilliant design to a company like EHX then it won’t matter what qualifications you have because the proof that you can do it will be right there. … but of course you’d need to acquire the knowledge to be able to design something like that in the first place. I’d look into all courses that are available and see which you think would be the most useful.


    Developing a good knowledge of Electrical Engineer, Sound Engineering, and Computer Science could help you a great deal either way.

    While you’re in school you could supplement your education by learning on DIYstompboxes and Geofex about building pedals.

    I’d recommend starting by building an NPN Dallas Rangemaster. It’s a very simple build and there’s a lot of information on them.

    Also, Tim Escobedo’s Circuit Snippets has a lot of very simple designs that you could try on a breadboard. Getting a nice breadboarding set up is nice for when you start out. I like to have a breadboard mounted to a piece of wood with a big piece of metal with some input and output jacks, a power jack, and a bunch of pots can easily be mounted and removed.

    here are Tim Escobedo’s Circuit Snippets:



    I’m sound engineer and electric engineer but i still haven’t got my degree because of health issues.
    I worked as a sound engineer as a live sound engineer and recording/mixing engineer. I’d love to be able to work
    in EHX cause i’ve been working on my own with tube amps and effects for about 11 years (now i’m 31).I work on my own in my tech shop where i build and modify amps and stompboxes, custom switchers etc.

    i say go for it the mix between both worlds (sound and electronics) is amazing. When u understand how physics are applied in the same way as electronics 2 worlds blend nicely.

    i wonder if i can apply for a job for EHX since i’ve been familiar with stomboxes for about 12 years. I’d be amazing to design some guitar effect that ends up being an important legacy in music history (like the bigmuff and the electric mistress) cause that’s basically what u do when u record a band in the studio.

    Anyone have tried applying for a job for EHX? i’d love to but i live in south america.

    Ned Flanders

    I’m NOT an EE but I have a design I have been wanting to license to a company (EHX?) for ages, I just haven’t done anything about it.

    EHX would be more suited as the pedal itself fits right in with their line of pedals. (I actually designed it with that intention)

    I know of quite a few guys who are NOT EE’s and they sell their designs to other companies and they make them under their name.

    So its possible to do. But the question was “I’m wondering if it is recommend that I have an electrical engineering degree to be able to get a job for an effects pedal company”. To be able to get a job WITH a pedal company I recommend it. But to license TO and effect pedal company there really is no need if you already know what you’re doing.


    What computer languages who you recommend studying? C++?

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