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    The Bass Mono Synth is a great-sounding effect with fantastic tracking and a brilliant blendable dry/effect function. This alleviates the loss of low end and fundamental tone. But on the Bass Mono Synth’s TYPE knob, the detents are pretty shallow, and a bit too subtle to the touch. Sometimes it’s hard to get the right voice type to “click in” on the knob, and the detent doesn’t settle in right away. Other times the knob gets bumped on the pedalboard and the voicing type gets changed unintentionally. With just 11 different settings to click into, you’d think the TYPE knob could be a little more precise and maybe a bit stiffer — that would help in a live situation, where you really need to feel and click into the setting in a hurry.
    If the TYPE potentiometer were refined to be more obvious and precise, I’d be willing to send my unit in to EHX for a retrofit. It’s the only flaw I’ve found with the Bass Mono Synth so far.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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