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    I bought a Mel 9 recently, and I’m struggling to get good sounds from it, and find uses for it. Suggestions appreciated!


    I use it for background swells. I get the best sound when I pluck the string.


    Try a compressor after it…or before it even. I think a compressor works best after as it’s a very dynamic pedal and reacts to touch especially when it’s only the organ sound and no guitar sound. Reverb and delay play really well with it as well. If you’re going direct it’s more controllable, but if you have it going into an amp it may need some compressor or limiter taming. I love mine. Uses are kind of infinite.


    I just found running it through a tube amp sounds better than a solid state (and I’m not one to really picky between the two in general). I also like to run an EQ pedal after it to fine tune the tone. I also found turning the dry (guitar) sound up a little when using the string related instruments adds a bit of a natural feel to it too. When I first started using the 9 series pedals I never had the dry tone turned up but I have been using it with the mel-9 and find it helpful.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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