Lana Lee & EHX Stompboxes featured on three 90’s & 00’s covers
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Posted: 02 January 2019 12:47 PM

Hi everbody!

2018 was a strange year mainly because we didn’t have much time for the band, but we managed to find some free moments to rearrange and record three covers:

As usual, many of our EHX big boxes were used on this recording such as the Deluxe Memory Man (5-knob RI), the 4-knob blue DMM, 78’s IC v5 Op Amp Big Muff Pi, the “Green Russian” Sovtek Big Muff, The Octave Multiplexer and the Stereo Polychorus RI. Other new unit involved on these recordings was the Stereo Memory Man/Hazarai.

Among the non-EH units here, the old Boss DD-2 delay, the vintage MXR Distortion II, and some old-school delays such as the MXR Carbon Copy and the Maxon AD-999.

Fender Jazz Bass and a bunch on Fender Jazzmasters were the axes of choice while the amps used were a Sovtek MiG 100,a Custom Hiwatt 100 and an old Music Man 60-watt combo.

And these were the results…

* “Sad” by Pearl Jam.

* “Río Rojo” by Sgt. Sunshine.

* “Applebite” by Soundgarden.

Have a good 2019!


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