I want an updated version of Graphic Fuzz.
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Posted: 20 November 2018 03:07 AM

I got two Graphic Fuzz, an current version and an old (40V) version.
They have very similar nice sounds, it’s great!

I feel it’s very difficult to use ENVELOPE section.
As the DYNAMICS slider moves up, not the amount of distortion but the output level gets louder. I feel it sounds unnatural.
When the slider is down, the output volume level is relatively low even if the VOLUME slider is fully up.
And I feel a Graphic Fuzz has weaker low-end than other pedals like Big Muff and Hot Tubes.

So I want an updated version of Graphic Fuzz with more output level, with no ENVELOPE section.
And I think it would be nice if there were one more fuzz section, like Double Muff.
Boost switch like Metal Muff would be good, too.

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