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Posted: 02 December 2017 09:55 AM

All the HOG 2 features (midi, 99 presets)

Smaller sliders like the ones used on other company’s EQ pedals so that it can fit into a smaller enclosure. 

Microsynth style auto-sweep filter for better synth sounds or let the volume/attack decay be assigned to the filter. 

Detune slider

- Julian

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Posted: 22 October 2018 02:53 PM | Link to this reply (#1)

Surprised there isn’t more action here.

I use a HOG 2, here are some of my thoughts on improvements:

add ability to change the chords, i.e. change voice intervals

some adjustable delay on each voice

memory control and preset indicator available without using extra controller box

foot contoller so main unit can be in a rack for use with FX loops

midi in and thru connections

Unity gain marks on the faders and maybe even a peak indicator would also be nice particularly when using in an fx loop

model up some jangle. I use it for bass, the voices lack sparkle and chime

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Posted: 27 October 2018 01:44 PM | Link to this reply (#2)

I will happily be a third person to agree with all the above mentioned points! I absolutely love my Hog 2 and have used it for years. But’s its size is just too much many times to fit on the board! I think the Hog 2 is possibly EHX’s most unique and versatile pedal in the lineup, and I really hope the Hog gets continually improved. It has been quite a while since the Hog 2’s release, time for an update!

As has been said by the previous two posts:

Smaller size (with smaller sliders)
Filter Automation would be huge!
Presets without external controller
If possible stealing some of the auto freeze/gliss settings from Superego
Possibly improve on the already amazingly good tracking (it can always get better right?)

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