What is Loop up / Loop Down?
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Posted: 17 June 2017 06:41 PM

I’m (obviously) a newbie to electric guitar, for the last 30 years.

I played strictly acoustical for the first 20 years, then a very little with a cheap Sound Hole pickup into a borrowed amp to practice with a band.  After a hiatus from the electric scene, I decided to get into it “seriously” in 1986 with an Ibanez RG600 (Active Pups) and Roland Jazz Chorus JC55 (50 SS Watts).  Slowly I added to that; Korean H-S-H, Highway 1 Strat, Electra “Strat”.  Finally I made the step to a Tube Amp with a Randall Pro Tube II (50W w/ 1/3 Power, 6L6 Power Tubes [switchable to EL34’s] 2-Channel, very close to the Fender tone (that I couldn’t afford) imho, although certainly not with its Reverb, but with its Clean Channel), thanks to a great bunch of guys (thestringnetwork.com) who nurtured me through trying to find “my sound” which I found with the Tube Amp and a bunch of pedals, but mostly the 535Q Cry-Baby and the Dennis George Mind Rock Distortion (really).

Now, over ten years later and still an electric guitar newbie, I am left, through a series of sad events, with only the Acoustic (1972 Martin D-18), Roland JC55 and an interim Tube Amp Epiphone Galaxie 10.  The Epi Amp had already had the Power Tube replaced with an RCA 6L6 and the stock 12AX7 PreAmp Tube replaced with a 12AU7 tube.  I asked an acquaintance from that same forum and, after looking at the schematic, he recommended a 12AY7 Tube and that lessened the brittle trebles tremendously, leaving me with an amp that’s… playable.

I’m thinking now of getting an Eric Clapton Strat and Fender Princeton or Deluxe Reverb.  I’m going to go light on pedals, relying on the tone of the Amp, but I’ve been thinking of adding a Looper to aid in playing solo in the bedroom.  But (and now finally the question) I saw the Electro-Harmonix 22500 advertised on Sweetwater as having both Loop Up and Loop Down.

What is the difference?

Never mind.  I think I finally found out in the 45000 Manual, just meaning to step the Loop number up or down one to record or play.  I looked ALL over for that.

Anyway… consider all that above my introduction.  Oh, I do have an Electro-Harmonix Nano LBP-1 Boost pedal. smile

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