Trombone - Suitable Digital Effects Currently Available
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Posted: 17 May 2017 01:24 AM

I am in the process of setting up a live electronics rig suitable for real time solo and ensemble performance. My interest is primarily in the area of extended long delays, harmoniser and vocoder type sounds and layering. I would appreciate some feedback on what the most suitable products would be from electro-harmonix or similar makers for this purpose. I prefer to maintain the natural sound and enhance that and also to achieve a degree of interactivity and multi layering. Also any information on the best type of pedals or triggering mechanisms to use if possible whilst in playing mode. I am also interested to explore software options and to find out more about providing a solution this way rather than hardware. I also wish to be able to incorporate natural sounds into the mix. All thoughts welcome. Also if you could provide any advice where I can get further technical information on trombone/digital effects solutions that would be great. I am not a technology-driven person and am therefore looking for solutions that are user friendly and simple to operate. Also wishing to tour with it so wanting a light and compact solution to if possible. Thank you.

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