What Amps Do You Have?
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Posted: 18 September 2017 12:43 PM | Link to this reply (#76)

I’ve gone through many, but what I’m currently with is a Fender Greta ( 2W 1x4 ), a Fender Excelsior ( 13W 1x15 ), and a Blackstar Core ID BEAM. I use those to mess around and record, but I mostly play with DIs to make things easy for the sound guys. I use Behringer Bass, Guitar ( meaning electric ), and Acoustic DIs to go straight into a snake and the sound guys do the rest.

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Posted: 11 November 2017 01:35 PM | Link to this reply (#77)

After using a MArshall 2203 for 25 years, for the last 8 I have been using a modified JVM410.

Mods give it a more classic flavour! It is very close to being my perfect amp!

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