Key9 extra control
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Posted: 06 February 2019 09:35 AM

I’m a Fender Rhodes fan and i love your Key9 pedal, but i think it could be way better, for starters i would like for more tonal control over the “Tines” instead of just bass and treble as with the Dynamo setting i think it would be nice to maybe have at least a mid/tines as well to get that more ( Bell like tone happening )

Also for the effects to be switchable on/off for each setting, as the Rhodes players used true stereo Panning/Phasing/Chorus have the new pedal with built in stereo effects ( like the Super Ego Plus ) and in’s and outs, with control of the Panning speed etc with an external out jack, also if it was put into a 22500 Looper style inclosure with three stomp switches you could possibly have a bypass switch for one/ 2nd tap tempo for the stereo panning speed/ and the third foot switch could turn the effect on or off, or as a freeze pedal style sustain switch ( maybe that part could be an external out ), the sustain should work like a piano sustain pedal where every keeps stack up and until you let go/ also midi would be nice, and a simple broad band internal reverb.

I also think that many of these idea’s would also be good for any of the other “9” pedals.

Keep up the good work guys smile

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