EHX has unveiled the Nano Operation Overlord, a versatile, multi-instrument capable, distortion/overdrive with a broad range of distortion effects and tone shaping controls

The new Nano Operation Overlord features:
• Silent foot-switchable Normal and Boost modes that deliver distortion ranging from boost without the grit and mild crunch to intensely saturated overdrive and thick distortion
• Normal mode uses three JFET gain stages for tube amp-style response and tone while Boost adds a classic pedal-type overdrive circuit before the JFET stages
• A three-position switch which lets the user select the proper input level for their instrument and ensures that the Nano Operation Overlord is compatible with guitar, keyboards, bass and most electronic instruments.
• Active Treble, Mid and Bass controls plus a Dry blend that is especially useful for bass and keyboards because it ensures that the instrument’s articulation, harmonic content and bottom end are retained.
• A compact, space-saving design

The EHX Nano Operation Overlord is available now and includes an EHX 9.6DC200mA power supply.

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