“Rock Scientists” by Gravy

Posted 5/18/2009
Thanks to Vicktor Stilling for pointing me to his music video for "Rock Scientists" by Danish indie band Gravy, with an opening cameo by the Big Muff Pi. Victor co-directed the video and tells us that it showed at SXSW.
SXSW Synopsis: "It took directors Victor Stilling and Mads Hjort 150 hours and lots of coffee to complete this partially animated, partially real life footage video. The video for 'Rock Scientists' is inspired by the featured band Gravy's 'naked to the waist' live performances (vastly popular among female fans). One of Gravy's two drummers is a highly skilled chef, and thus the idea of cooking up a rocking stew with all the bands' secret ingredients came to life. Have fun spotting the spicy references to Rock 'n' Roll History in the video."

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