“Unless you have been living under a rock for your entire existence as a guitarist, you will have inevitably come across, arguably, the most iconic brand in the industry – Electro Harmonix”

With its warm, pristine tone and reliable, musical performance the Deluxe Memory Man has become the gold standard analog delay. Watch Australian pedal pushers Pedal Empire demo the EHX Nano Deluxe Memory Man to maximum effect.

“With certified legend/mad scientist Mike Matthews as the brains of the company, EHX have shaped the way we listen and play music. The Catalogue features an endless list of products played by an endless list of huge artists, including one of the most recognisable analog delays on the market, the Deluxe Memory Man. While the Deluxe Memory Man wasn’t the first analog delay, it was the first to accept the BBD Clock noise that a lot of other pedals filtered out. By filtering out the noise, they also filtered out a lot of the top end, resulting in a dark and swirly ambience. Not only did the omission of this filtering result in a crisp and defined delay, it also embraced the conventionally undesirable clicks and pops – adding texture and unpredicable runaways that guitarists have loved since its release.” | Pedal Empire