EHX Tone Tips #9 - “Feets don’t fail me”

Posted 11/7/2011

Timely Tone TIp for Changing Presets.

People have complained of having to bend down during a performance to change presets on units like the Stereo Memory Man/Hazarai, The Ring Thing, Voice Box and the Cathedral.

What many do not know is that these pedals were ergonomically designed to be controlled by your feet.

The white preset/mode knob is perfectly positioned to be operated by the side of your right foot.

Use the side of your foot to select the preset position. Then carefully tap straight down on the white knob to activate the preset.

With a little practice your feet will be in control. Then you’ll be able to keep your hands where they belong…on the guitar!

Below is a demo video:

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Stay tuned, more Tone Tips posts coming soon!

This pedal was conceived of and designed by EHX from globally sourced components. Every EHX pedal goes through a stringent testing process by musicians and technicians in NYC before packing.

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