EHX Microsynth built in a Caius guitar

Posted 1/8/2013

Chico Mann, a prolific afrobeat artist, turned us on to a tune he did using his guitar with its built-in EHX MicroSynth. Here it is:

click to listen

Here are pics of Chico’s guitar and pedalboard.

“I played the Caius guitar with built-in MicroSynth plugged into a chain of all my EHX pedals.

To start, I tuned down my E-string, muted all the strings with a strip of foam so that I got a dull thump. Then I filtered the MicroSynth to get a low frequency tone as my bass drum sound. Ran the guitar through an ‘80s Fender 75 with the bass rolled up, mids a little less than half-way, and treble about one-quarter. Then played and recorded a four-on-the-floor bass drum pattern to a click track.

Next I filtered the MicroSynth to have a higher frequency cutoff for my snare sound, eq’d the amp accordingly, recorded that. Then in the same fashion made a 12-bit-like HH sound and recorded it. Mind you, I played all the ‘drum’ sounds straight through. No looping! The Big Muff Pi came in handy for these sounds too!

With the POG-2, I made some organ sounds and comped some chords. The SuperEgo and Holy Grail gave the comps an extended decay with washy ambience.

Next I made a squelchy, resonant synth bass sound ala the Roland TB-303 with the MicroSynth. The POG-2 added the octaves below for a more convincing synth bass sound.

The top-line synth parts were made the same way, basically with MicroSynth programming and EHX pedals for coloration. The detune function on the PolyChorus is also really handy at helping create the detuned oscillator vibe that I love about analog synths.

I could probably keep going about the particulars but that’s the basic gist of my process.

This was just a little demo that I recorded in a couple of hours to show what EHX pedals could do when you approach them from a little outside the box!”

To learn more about Chico’s new release, click here:

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