Deerhoof: “Let’s Dance The Jet” (Live Studio Session)

Posted 7/6/2009
Enjoy Deerhoof, live in the studio, covering a song from an obscure 1967 movie soundtrack. The performance is from New, Improved, LIVE, a video series by The Bay Bridged (San Francisco Bay Area independent music blog) and New, Improved Recording (Oakland recording studio).

The video starts with Deerhoof guitarrists John Dieterich (plaid shirt) and Ed Rodriguez (green shirt) playing thier HOG and Micro POG (respetively), followed by a look at the studio. The song itself kicks in at about 2:10.

Ed tells us: "The EHX Micro POG has gotten the 'what pedal are you using?' question more than anything else I have ever owned. It's simple to use with great sound quality. It tracks better than any other pedal I've ever used, the Boss PS-5, Digitech Whammy Pedals, everything."

Ed continues: "John (Dieterich) uses the HOG as well and we were both overwhelmed at the possibilities it opened up. It's rare to find pedals you know will always have a place in your set up. In the video of 'Let's Dance the Jet' John opens the song with the HOG making jet sounds and I come in on the melody using the Micro POG and the Holy Grail Plus. Enjoy!"

Be sure to catch Deerhoof on tour. For photos from the session, see the New, Improved, LIVE Facebook album.

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