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Posted 10/16/2008
Thanks to the surprise discovery of a batch of unassembled units, and likewise due to popular demand: we're now shipping a special limited run of Hot Tubes tube overdrive/distortion pedals. Be sure to contact your favorite EHX dealer, and get 'em while they're Hot!

Posted 10/8/2008
Back in 1979, at the heart of the Cold War, Electro-Harmonix was one of a small handful of Western businesses invited to attend the very first consumer trade show held in the Soviet Union. Read the full story and learn how a band of NYC freaks literally brought the roof down in the U.S.S.R. For the full PDF, click here. The rest is history.

Posted 10/5/2008
Adrian Belew (King Crimson, Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Talking Heads, etc.) knows where to stick his Polychorus -- on a pedestal! Special thanks to Fender&EHX4ever over on the Harmony Central forums for the find!

Posted 10/4/2008
More diecast goodness: the Worm, Graphic Fuzz and Frequency Analyzer are all now available in our tough and compact diecast chassis.

Posted 9/25/2008
It's a little known fact, but a few years back we produced a very limited run of Big Muff Pi pedals customized for the experimental Scottish band Mogwai, thought you might enjoy seeing one...

Posted 9/19/2008
Here's an absolutely hypnotic video of a true tube-head rolling his own. If DIY tubes isn't your thing, please be sure to check out our line of meticulously manufactured vacuum tubes.

Posted 9/3/2008

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