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Posted 9/19/2008
Here's an absolutely hypnotic video of a true tube-head rolling his own. If DIY tubes isn't your thing, please be sure to check out our line of meticulously manufactured vacuum tubes.

Posted 9/3/2008

Posted 8/29/2008
A short excerpt from the documentary film "Fuzz: The Sound That Revolutionized The World" in which Electro-Harmonix founder Mike Matthews tells the story of EHX's first product, the LPB-1.

Mike also reveals the origins of "Muff," which we take care to use very sparingly: Bass Big Muff Pi, Big Muff Pi, Big Muff Pi (Russian), Double Muff, English Muff'n, Little Big Muff Pi, Metal Muff, Micro Metal Muff, Muff Overdrive, and Pocket Metal Muff (all featured in our Distortion, Fuzz, Overdrive category).

The clip also features Chris Ross (Wolfmother) and ends with J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.) showing off his unbelievable Big Muff Pi collection.

Posted 8/29/2008
Here's a short experimental video by Radiohead's Thom Yorke -- look carefully, and you'll spot his Frequency Analyzer, Stereo Polychorus, and Big Muff Pi.

Posted 8/29/2008
Thanks again to Jack Conte for this great new demo of the Bass Big Muff Pi.
This pedal was conceived of and designed by EHX from globally sourced components. Every EHX pedal goes through a stringent testing process by musicians and technicians in NYC before packing.

Posted 8/20/2008
Scott Shriner (bass Weezer) sent in this snap from his rehearsal space, while gearing up for the North American tour in support of their top ten "Red Album." Scott wrote to tell us: "The Bass Big Muff Pi is great for a single cab situation with the dry setting, I love it. It's the new standard for fuzz bass."

Posted 7/15/2008
Devo's first album, "Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo" — now widely recognized as a classic — was released a whopping 30 years ago (July 1978), and ushered in the first wave of proud geek warriors.

In the picture above, standing to the left, you can just barely see that Mark Mothersbaugh has an Electro-Harmonix pedal (we're not 100% sure, but we believe it's a Frequency Analyzer) duct-taped to his guitar. But you can't miss it in the picture below, a screen-cap from the video for their cover of the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction":

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