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Posted 4/4/2009
A few weeks back, we opened the EHX Merch Shop. EHX is all about the freedom to experiment with colorful sounds, and the Merch Shop follows in that tradition by giving you the freedom to fully custom-design your own shirt. So we asked for your pictures, and you didn't let us down! For example, here's Wesley Eaves' custom-designed Germanium OD shirt (belt buckle not included):
(Thanks, Wes!)

To see more user-generated EHX shirts, visit the EHX Merch Shop. To add your threads to this thread: comment on our MySpace page and add your photo there -- and/or write on our Facebook wall and add your photo there -- and/or post it in this thread over in the EHX Forums. Alternatively, you can email it as attachment to: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Posted 4/2/2009
Dig this intense performance of ZZ Top's "Blue Jeans Blues" by Portuguese trio Budda Power Blues. For the tremolo effect, Budda is playing through an EHX Stereo Pulsar, he reports: "I normaly use the first knob at 1 or 2 o'clock, the shape of the wave at about 10 o'clock, and I use different settings for the speed. I tend to prefer the triangular wave shape."

To further set the mood, here's a picture of ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons with EHX's Suzi Matthews (several of you previously spotted Suzi in this video tour of the EHX mothership):

Posted 4/1/2009
Electro-Harmonix is pleased to announce what is sure to become an instant EHX classic: the Deluxe Stereo Micro Little Big PolyMuff with Wicker and Hazarai Plus. The DSMLBPMWHP combines our legendary discrete Input and Output jacks, along with an industry first: the option to bypass the True Bypass, so you can now finally explore the lush sonic frontiers of False Bypass.

Be sure to demo the DSMLBPMWHP today -- April 1 -- while supplies last!

Posted 3/30/2009
EHX is pleased to announce that the Holy Grail Reverb is now available in our tough and compact diecast chassis.

Posted 3/26/2009
We recently discovered this hand-sewn Big Muff Pi cushion by German artist/maker Gwendolin Tñ¤gert. It immediately struck us as funny and wonderful. (Translated from the German: "Wouldn't you love to hug a Big Muff all the time? Now it is possible! A super cute large stuffed cushion in the form of the world famous guitar effects pedal BIG MUFF!")

However, there was a touchy complication: the Big Muff Pi is a registered trademark, and if we discover unauthorized uses of our trademarks, we're legally obligated to do something about it (we have no choice about that).

We're all too familiar with the endless lawsuits suffocating the world of music, and so we decided to do something different. Instead of threats, demands, and legal letters, we contacted Gwendolin, told her we loved her work, and offered a formal license in exchange for an option to purchase them at discount. So, rather than a new enemy we now have a new friend, and a beautiful Big Fluff Pi. Take that as a lesson, music-industrial complex!

(Thanks for the tip to 'Ned Flanders' over in the EHX forums)

Posted 3/25/2009
Here's a quick behind-the-scenes look at John Mayer's touring rig, including his POG and Micro Synthesizer -- don't forget to sneak a peek at his settings...

Posted 3/19/2009
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