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#1 Echo#1 Echo Demo by Larry DeMarcononenone
12AY7 Mic Pre12AY7 Mic Pre Video by Au Revoir Simonenonenone
22500 Dual Stereo Looper22500 Demo by EHXnonenone
360 Looper360 Looper demo by Bill Ruppert360 Looper demo By JJ Tanis360 Looper demo by Dawsons Music
44 Magnum44 Magnum Harmony Central NAMM Demononenone
45000 LooperJJ Likes Guitar Demos 45000 Looper45000 Looper Demo by Reggie Wattsnone
8-Step ProgramGet on the Bus Music Video - 8-Step ProgramEffectology - "On the Run" Demo featuring 8-Step Program8-Step on Moog by Main Drag Music
AnalogizerAnalogizer Demo by Bill Ruppertnonenone
B9B9 demo by Bill RuppertB9 demo by Permier Guitar B9 demo by Sweetwater
Bad StoneEHX Bad Stone demo by Jon Skibicnonenone
Bass Big Muff PiBass Big Muff Pi Demo by Jack ConteBass Big Muff Pi Gear Up! Demo on TMNtvnone
Bass BloggerBass Blogger Video by Kevin RobinsonBass Blogger Guitar World DemoBass Blogger demo by Chris Maute
Bass MetaphorsBass Metaphors BassFuzz.com DemoPamplamoose - My Favorite Things featuring Bass Metaphorsnone
Bass Micro SynthBass Micro Synth Guitar World DemoJack Conte - Dance of the Sugar Plum Featuring Bass Micro Synthnone
Bass Soul FoodBass Soul Food demo by ProGuitarShopEHX Bass Soul Food demo by Bill Stouraitesnone
BassballsBass Balls Gear Up! Demo on TMNtvBass Balls Demo by Dave Weinernone
Big Muff PiBig Muff Pi Demo By Peter StroudBig Muff Pi Demo By Brandonnone
Big Muff Pi w/ Tone WickerMig Muff Pi w/ Tone Wicker Demo by Dave WeinerBig Muff Pi w/ Tone Wicker Demo by Gearmanndudenone
Black FingerBlack Finger Demo by Peter StroudBlack Finger Gear Wire DemoBlack Finger on Gibson ES-5
C9C9 demo by Bill RuppertC9 Demo by Dawsons Musicnone
CathedralCathedral Demo by Dave WeinerCathedral Music Radar DemoEffectology "Reverb Tricks" By Bill Ruppert featuring Cathedral
ChillswitchChillswitch Demononenone
ClockworksEHX Clockworks demo by John Pisaninonenone
Crying BassEHX Crying Bass Demo with Jon Skibicnonenone
Crying ToneEHX Crying Tone DemoIndestructible Wah Wah Video featuring Crying Tone WahCrying Tone "Hidden Sounds" by Bill Ruppert
Deluxe Bass Big Muff PiDlx Bass Big Muff EHX.com DemoTony Levin Demos Dlx Bass Big MuffDeluxe Bass Big Muff Pi Demo by Mahlon Hawk
Deluxe Big MuffEHX Deluxe Big Muff demo by Jon SkibicDeluxe Big Muff demo by Guitar Boutiquenone
Deluxe Electric MistressJack Conte's Dlx Electric Mistress VideoDeluxe Electric Mistress Demo by JJ Tanisnone
Deluxe Memory BoyDlx Memory Boy EHX.com DemoGear Wire Dlx Memory Boy Demonone
Deluxe Memory Man"History Repeats itself" By Jack ConteJJ Likes Guitar demos the Deluxe Memory ManDeluxe Memory Man on Mini Moog by Retrosound72
Deluxe Memory Man TT1100DMM TT1100 Demo by ShnobelNAMM 2011 Demo of DMM TT1100none
Deluxe Memory Man TT550NAMM 2012 Demo of DMM TT550Micro POG/Deluxe Mem Man w/ Tap Tempo by TubescreamerProGuitarShop.com Demo of DMM550
Doctor QDoctor Q Demo by Dave WeinerDr. Q on Bass by Ben Wilshirenone
Double MuffDouble Muff Demo by Peter Stroudnonenone
East River DriveEHX East River Drive with Jon SkibicJJ Likes Guitar East River Drive Demonone
EHX TortionEHX Demo of EHX Tortion by Bill RuppertEHX Tortion demo by ProGuitarShopnone
English Muff'nEnglish Muff'n Demo by Peter Stroudnonenone
EnigmaEnigma Demo by Jack ConteEnigma Q-Balls on Drumsnone
EpitomeEpitome Demo by Bill RuppertGuitar-Muse Demo of EpitomePrymaxe Epitome Demo
Expression PedalNext Step Effects Demo by Bill Ruppertnonenone
Flanger HoaxFlanger Hoax demo by Dan MillerGear Wire Flanger Hoax Demonone
FreezeEHX Freeze DemoEHX Effectology "Freeze Tricks" by Bill RuppertTone Factor Freeze Demo
Frequency AnalyzerFrequency Analyzer demo by Dave WeinerFrequency Analyzer demo by Peter Stroudnone
Germanium 4 Big Muff PiGermanium 4 Big Muff Pi Demo by Dave WeinerGearmanndude Demo of G4BMGermanium 4 Big Muff Pi demo by Mike Matt
Germanium ODGermanium OD demo by Dan MillerGermanium OD demo by Michael Lionheartnone
Good VibesEHX Good Vibes demo by Jon Skibicnonenone
Graphic FuzzGraphic Fuzz demo by Peter StroudGraphic Fuzz demo by Dennis KayzerHOG2 on Harmonica with Wade Schuman
HOG2HOG2 demo by Bill RuppertHOG2 demo by Geoff Countryman on Saxnone
Holy GrailHoly Grail demo by Peter StroudHoly Grail demo by Gearmanndudenone
Holy Grail MaxEHX Holy Grail Max demo by Jon SkibicHoly Grail Max demo by Prymaxe Vintagenone
Holy Grail NeoHoly Grail Neo Demo by Bill Ruppertnonenone
Holy Grail PlusHoly Grail Plus demo by Dan MillerHoly Grail Plus Demo by Dave WeinerHoly Grail Plus demo by Adam Lorimer-Roberts
Holy StainHoly Stain demo by Dan MillerHoly Stain - Film by Michael LionheartGear Up Holy Stain Demo
Hot TubesEHX Hot Tubes Demo with Jon SkibicJJ Likes Guitar Hot Tubes Demonone
Hum DebuggerHum Debugger demo by Bill RuppertHum Debugger demo by Dave WeinerGearwire Hum Debugger demo from NAMM
Iron LungHarder Faster Better Stronger cover by What About Your Mom Featuring EHX Iron LungDaft Punk cover by Garret Schmittling with EHX Iron LungIron Lung demo NAMM 2010
KnockoutKnockout demo by Dan MillerKnockout - Film by Michael Lionheartnone
Little Big Muff PiLittle Big Muff Pi demo by Dan MillerEHX Tone Tips "Smashing Fuzz" By Bill Ruppertnone
LPB-1LPB-1 Demo by Larry DeMarcononenone
LPB-2ubeLPB-2ube demo by Boogaloo Jacksonnonenone
LumberjackEHX Lumberjack demo by Jon Skibicnonenone
Memory BoyEHX Memory Boy DemoMemory Boy Demo by Angus ClarkMemory Boy Demo by Rodrigo Lanceloti
Memory ToyMemory Toy Demo by Tunnelvision MusicMemory Toy Demo by Anthony BreedsMemory Toy demo by Angus Clark
Metal MuffMetal Muff Demo by Dan MillerMetal Muff demo by Chris Morrisnone
Micro Metal MuffMicro Metal Muff Demo by Dave Weinernonenone
Micro POGMicro POG Demo by Dave WeinerGuitar World Micro POG DemoMicro POG/Deluxe Mem Man w/ Tap Tempo by Tubescreamer
Micro Q-TronMicro Q-Tron Demo by Larry DeMarcoMicro Q-Tron demo by Neil SpencerMicro Q-Tron on bass by Janusz Frychel
Micro SynthesizerMicro Synth demo by Peter StroudMicro Synth demo by Rockongoodpeoplenone
MoleThe Mole Demo by Hessl Folkertsmanonenone
Muff OverdriveMuff Overdrive Demo by ArturTadevosyanMuff Overdrive demo by Keithb7none
Nano Bass Big MuffNano Bass Big Muff demo by Digimart.netEHX Nano Bass Big Muff demo by Jon Skibicnone
Nano Big MuffNano Big Muff Demo by Bill Ruppertnonenone
Nano CloneNano Clone demo by Dave Weinernonenone
Nano POGNano POG Demo by Bill Ruppertnonenone
Neo CloneNeo Clone demo by Pop Into The ChemistGuitar World Neo Clone Demonone
Neo MistressEHX Neo Mistress DemoGuitar-Muse Neo Mistress Demonone
Octave MultiplexerOctave Multiplexer Demo by Dan MillerOctave Multiplexer Demo by FlexeusGear Up Octave Multiplexer Demo
OctavixEHX Octavix demo by Bill Ruppertnonenone
OD GloveOD Glove Demo by Bill RuppertJJ Likes Guitar OD Glove Demonone
Pan PedalNext Step Effects demo by Bill Ruppertnonenone
PitchforkPitchfork demo by Bill RuppertPitchfork demo by JJ Tanisnone
Pocket Metal MuffPocket Metal Muff demo by Dave WeinerPocket Metal Muff demo by SvartablixtenPocket Metal Muff Demo by Jim Studios
POG2POG2 demo by MusicRadarPOG2 demo on Steel GuitarGuitar Noize POG2 Demo
Q-TronQ-Tron demo by RubenfunksterQ-Tron RHCP cover by Felipe SolanoQ-Tron Slap Bass Jam by Ramon 709
Q-Tron PlusQ-Tron Plus demo by Dan MillerQ-Tron Plus Demo by Dave Weinernone
RavishElectro-Harmonix Ravish Sitar demo Ravish Sitar Effectology by Bill RuppertRavish Sitar Viola demo by Andrea Whitt
RiddleRiddle demo by Jack ConteRiddle demo by Elliot RandallRiddle on Saxophone
Ring ThingRing Thing demo by Bill RuppertGuitar World Ring Thing DemoEHX Ring Thing Demo
RTGEHX Ring Thing DemoRing Thing Demo by Joel Gilardininone
SatisfactionEHX Satisfaction Demo by Jon SkibicSatisfaction Demo by Gearmandudenone
Signal PadEHX Signal Pad Demononenone
SlammiSlammi Demo by Bill RuppertSlammi Demo by Sweetwater Soundnone
Small CloneSmall Clone demo by Dan MillerSmall Clone demo by BrandonSmall Clone Demo by JJ Tanis
Small StoneSmall Stone demo by Larry DeMarcoSmall Stone Gear Up DemoSmall Stone Demo by JJ Tanis
Soul FoodEHX Soul Food Demo by Jon SkibicSoul Food Demo by JJ TanisSoul Food Demo by Sweetwater
Soul PreacherSoul Preacher demo by Dan MillerGuitar World Soul Preachernone
Steel LeatherSteel Leather demo by Chris Mautehttp://youtu.be/L9IwCrsrySgnone
Stereo Clone TheoryStereo Clone Theory Demo by Larry DeMarcononenone
Stereo Electric MistressStereo Electric Mistress demo by Bill RuppertStereo Electric Mistress demo by Dan MillerStereo Electric Mistress demo by Michael Lionheart
Stereo Memory Man w/ HazaraiStereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai demo by Dan MillerStereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai demo by Michael LionheartGearwire Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai Demo
Stereo PolychorusStereo Polychorus demo by Bill Ruppertnonenone
Stereo PolyphaseStereo Polyphase demo my Dan MillerStereo Polyphase Demo by JJ Tanisnone
Stereo PulsarStereo Pulsar demo by Larry DeMarcoStereo Pulsar demo by DoogdoogdoogStereo Pulsar Demo by Peter Stroud
Stereo Talking MachineStereo Talking Machine demo by Bill RuppertStereo Talking Machine demo with TheraminJordan Rudess Talking Machine iPad Demo
Super PulsarEHX Super Pulsar demo by Bill Ruppertnonenone
SuperegoSuperego Effectology by Bill RuppertSuperego Demo by Rick Parker on TromboneJJ Likes Guitar Superego Demo
Talking PedalTalking Pedal demo by Bill RuppertEffectsbay.com Talking Pedal DemoMoon Tooth/Westfall Recording Talking Pedal Demo
Tone TattooEHX Tone Tattoo DemoTone Tattoo by Bill RuppertTone Tattoo Demo by Mike F.
Tube EQTube EQ demo by Peter Stroudnonenone
Tube ZipperTube Zipper demo by Peter StroudGear Up Tube Zipper Demonone
Turnip GreensEHX Turnip Greens demo by Jon SkibicTurnip Greens demo by Anderton's Music none
V256EHX V256V256 demo by ButchaSoundV256 Keyboard Demo by James Bowers
Voice BoxVoice Box Demo by Jack ConteVoice Box demo by Nataly and Jack ConteGear Wire Voice Box demo from NAMM
Volume PedalNext Step Effects demo by Bill Ruppertnonenone
White FingerWhite Finger demo by Peter Stroudnonenone
WigglerWiggler Demo by Peter StroudGear Wire Wiggler DemoWiggler Demo by JJ Tanis
WormGearmanndude Worm DemoWorm demo by Peter StroudFuzzville Worm Demo