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Colorful Sounds, Colorful Shirts
Note: the merch shop can ship to any country, but shipping costs are currently optimized for North America. We hope to have more options soon.
How to Customize:
1. Pick any shirt type (crew, v, long, ringer, etc.)
2. Pick any fabric color
3. Pick any EHX design
4. Position & size the design as you like
5. Optionally change the design color, including specialty inks like "glow in the dark" or "sparkle" or "flock" (a raised, fuzzy print)

In the example below, we picked a Men's American Apparel t-shirt, then the "gold" fabric color, then Big Muff Pi logo, and then the "red sparkle" ink (a "specialty flex" print type).

Share What You Wear!
To add your threads to this thread: comment on our MySpace page and add your photo there -- and/or write on our Facebook wall and add your photo there -- and/or post it in this thread over in the EHX Forums. Alternatively, you can email it as attachment to:
Sharon's Small Stone Shirt
Thanks to Sharon and her family from Italy for sharing their Small Stone shirts. Grazie !!
Yann Giraud's Q-Tron Shirt
Thanks to Yann for these pictures of his custom-designed Q-Tron shirt.
Rockstrongo's Frequency Analyzer Messenger Bag
Thanks to rockstrongo for these pictures of his custom-designed Frequency Analyzer messenger bag.
Cynthia Harmon's Pi Shirt
Cynthia wears her Pi on her sleeve in this custom-designed shirt.
Wesley Eaves' Germanium OD Shirt
Thanks to Wes for this picture of his custom-designed Germanium OD shirt. Belt buckle not included!
Kevin Hilbiber's English Muff'n Shirt
Thanks to Kevin for this picture of his custom-designed English Muff'n shirt. And Kevin didn't only design this shirt -- he's also the engineer who designed the English Muff'n!
Anthony Rubolotta's Graphic Fuzz Shirt
Thanks to Anthony for this picture of his Graphic Fuzz shirt.

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EHX Merch Shop
Show your colors with an EHX t-shirt -- you can even custom design your own shirt from scratch!
Our new EH Strings allow you to capture every nuance of your playing style with lightning fast playability. Made of a pure nickel wrap with a specially-selected stainless steel, these sweet-sounding round wounds are truly like no other strings you've played. Not only do they last longer and stay in tune longer, but we think they're the best sounding strings ever made. Available in 9s, 10s and 11s.