Lester K Stereo Rotary Speaker

Rotary speaker emulation at its finest in a compact, easy-to-use package. Stereo outputs provide a lush, realistic sound with either stereo or mono inputs. Tube-style overdrive is variable and the speaker balance can be fine-tuned. Switch between adjustable Fast and Slow modes to achieve that iconic sound when the big cabinet ramps up to speed and down.

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Quick Specs
- Lush rotary speaker emulation
- Stereo/mono in/out
- Tube emulated overdrive
- Adjustable Fast and Slow modes
- Classic rotary speaker speed up and down
- High quality buffered bypass
- Includes EHX9.6DC-200 PSU
- Dimensions in inches: 4.0 (w) x 4.75 (l) x 2.25 (h)
- Dimensions in mm: 102 (w) x 121 (l) x 89 (h)
From the Blog
Posted 10/20/2016

Organist extraordinaire, John-paul Gard, demos the Lester K stereo rotary speaker emulator pedal.

Visit www.johnpaulgard.com for his latest releases and upcoming shows.

Posted 6/14/2016

The Lester G is the ultimate rotary speaker emulator packed with goodies like a specially designed compression circuit to supercharge the rotating speaker effect on guitar.

Vintage Guitar Magazine writes that, “The Lester G just might be the slickest rotary-speaker simulator we’ve played…” They go on to say: “On the Slow function, chords shimmer with a chorale effect, as if you had a choir of angels replete with harps harmonizing behind you. Switching over to the Fast circuit, the sound ranges from a sweet tremolo to a full-bore Hammond B3 sound. You’ll even catch yourself looking over your shoulder for Jimmy McGriff or Gregg Allman.”

Click here to read VG’s complete review.

The Lester K provides stunning rotary speaker emulation in a compact package without the G’s built-in compressor making it perfect for keyboards or guitarists who already own a compressor.

Click here to watch Bill Ruppert’s great Lester G video demo.
Click here to watch Mike Matthews demo the Lesters on electric piano.
Click here to watch Dave Sherman demo the Lester K on keyboards.
Click here to watch Jon Skibic demo the Lester K on guitar.

Posted 6/14/2016

Want a sound that will make heads spin?

Jake Kulik demos the Electro-Harmonix Lester K on his keyboard to create lush rotary speaker emulation at the tap of a footswitch.

Posted 2/23/2016

Watch British fusion virtuoso, Tom Quayle, take the Lester K Stereo Rotary Speaker Emulator for a spin courtesy of Sound Affects Premier.

Posted 1/12/2016

The new Lester K delivers that awesome Leslie® speaker cabinet sound in a compact, easy-to-use package perfect for keyboards.

EHX President and Founder, Mike Matthews, busts out his keyboard to show you just how cool and funky our new Lester K Rotary Speaker Emulator sounds.

Keyboardist, Dave Sherman, provides a quick and informative guided tour of the Lester Rotary Speaker Emulators. Check it out!

Leslie® is a registered trademark of Suzuki Musical Instrument Manufacturing.

Posted 1/5/2016

Electro-Harmonix has unveiled the new Lester G and Lester K Stereo Rotary Speaker Emulators.

Lester G
There's nothing like the sound of a Leslie® rotary speaker cabinet on guitar. That's why legendary players like Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison, Eric Clapton and others have relied on the iconic effect. Now, for those looking to get that unmistakable sound with the convenience of a pedal, EHX introduces the Lester G: ultimate stereo rotary speaker emulator for guitar.

Don't miss Bill Ruppert's jaw-dropping video featuring the new Lester G.

Lester K
We're also pleased to introduce the Lester K stereo rotary speaker emulator designed for organ-type keyboards. The K doesn't include all the Lester G's features like a built-in compressor, but for guitarists who already own a compression pedal, it kicks butt! Watch guitarist Jon Skibic put the Lester K thru its paces.

Leslie® is a registered trademark of Suzuki Musical Instrument Manufacturing.

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