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Posted 9/2/2014

Cathedral Stereo Reverbs ready to be gone over by one of EHX’s guitarist testers.

Posted 8/28/2014

EHX V256 Vocoder and Daft Punk cover by xen multigrain.

Posted 8/27/2014

Posted 8/26/2014

Micro POG transforms violin.

Posted 8/25/2014

Zukonabts EHX 8 Step Program and Korg MS20.

Posted 8/22/2014

Premier Guitar says: “Creating a gain structure that’s highly responsive and usable across the board is no easy feat, yet Electro-Harmonix has pulled it off.” They’re referring to the EHX TORTION JFET OVERDRIVE. Hear sound samples and check out the rest of PG’s review here.

Link: http://bit.ly/1ohUMZc

Posted 8/21/2014

Pedro Riera + Tele + B9 Organ Machine

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