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Posted 6/26/2015

Premier Guitar reviews the EHX B9 Organ Machine and writes, “the tones of the B9 add a tone of texture and organ feel. The construction is stout and the ability to get workable sounds right out of the box is a definite advantage.”

With 9 presets that were finely tuned to emulate the most legendary organs from the ‘60s and beyond, the B9 Organ Machine will transform your guitar or keyboard. Control the instrument’s signature percussive click and sweet modulation. Blend your dry signal to create lush layers. Enough tonewheel and combo organ inspiration to light your fire and cook up some green onions!

Posted 6/25/2015

Guitarist Magazine takes a look at the award-winning EHX Pitch Fork.

Add the rock-solid Pitch Fork polyphonic pitch shifter to your pedal board to bring a new realm of sound to your playing. It can turn your 6-string guitar into an 18-string guitar or send single notes soaring into the stratosphere with razor-sharp precision. You can set the Pitch Fork for your desired pitch shift or use an expression pedal for continuous control of sweeps and multi-octave jumps.

Posted 6/24/2015

Chicago Music Exchange shows off the EHX Soul Food with a Gibson Les Paul '58 Reissue and Victoria 20112 1x12 Combo.

The Soul Food delivers transparent overdrive with great touch and response. Its circuitry features boosted power rails to provide abundant headroom and increased definition. Best of all, you don’t have to be a rock star to own one!

Posted 6/23/2015

Pedal of the Day puts the EHX Deluxe Memory Boy Analog delay with tap tempo through all of its paces.

Quality IC's deliver warm and organic analog tones while "tap tempo" allows you to always be in sync with the groove. Choose five note divisions for metronomic variances. Sweet modulations can be set while the expression pedal input gives you external control. The Deluxe Memory Boy is the most flexible analog delay ever designed.

In the studio or in performance The Deluxe Memory Boy will become a mainstay in your arsenal.

Posted 6/22/2015

Alekos Georgoulopoulos tests the EHX Double Muff at Fuzzville Music in Athens, Greece.

This dual overdrive pairs two original Muff Fuzz’s for two distortions in one! Use just one Muff for a hint of milky distortion, or cascade the second Muff for over-the-top overdrive that turns the milk into cream.

Posted 6/19/2015

The EHX Bad Stone is a faithful reissue of the original vintage phase shifter of the same name but in a much smaller package. Combined with a classic Big Muff fuzz distortion, you get virtually unlimited cool tones!

David Curtis created this full-production demo to showcase how these two pedals sound alone and together within the mix of a real studio recording involving multiple instruments and settings along with live bass and drums.

Posted 6/18/2015

Papa Snow gives the EHX Small Stone analog phase shifter a quick workout.

This pedal produces the same sound that made the classic 1970 Small Stone famous. It generates thick sweeping phase shifting with liquid transparency and feedback color control adds a tingling swirl.

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